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Roof Cleaning and Spray Coating  

We are possibly the largest and most well established roof cleaning and spray coating company in the Western Cape.
We have the latest Airless Spray painting machinery. All  paint coatings are checked using wet film thickness gauges, to ensure correct wet and dry film thickness.

Prior to painting, all surfaces are hydroblasted to ensure they are clean and ready to receive paint coatings.

Correct preparation procedures are always followed to the detail to ensure maximum durability.

Before painting commences, repairs and specifically waterproofing problems are attended to, using top quality waterproofing products. On tiled roofs, concrete ridges are repaired, using concrete repair mortars. On Galvanized roofs, special attention is given to loose bolts, corrosion problems and correct priming procedures.

Safety is always an issue with roofs and all our workers are equipped with safety lines and harnesses, if required.


Roof Cleaning and Spray Coating